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Secure Technologies

The technologies we use to encrypt data to establish a secure connection with our server.  No data is stored on the device outside of the secure app and no-one can access the data inside of the app but you.

Panic Password

Should someone try to steal your phone or take it from you under duress, you can enter your panic password and all the data kept within the secure container will get destroyed.  This will also send our server a message to say your panic password has been activated.

Encrypted Attachments

All attachments stored within the Secured Vault is encrypted, such as files, photographs, notes and messages.  Unlike the PGP technology, the encrypted attachments can also be shared with other users.

Remote Deletion

Should you lose your phone, your remote deletion functionality will allow all content within the secure app to be remotely deleted.  This ensures your peace of mind that the data cannot be accessed even if the finder had your access password.

SkyECC Licence

Sky ECC are pleased to offer 3 Licence options 3, 6 & 12 months which can be installed on one of our devices or on your own BlackBerry device.

Current Sky ECC users can have their licences remotely renewed by our Technical Department 7 days a week.

Please compare the difference between SKY ECC and BB to see the advantages of the world’s best solution available for secure and anonymous worldwide App to App Communication.

Contact us via SkyECC @ 9C5FFA

We Specialise in Secure Encrypted Mobile Data and Communications

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Below are some of the key features of our technologies and security.

Remote Deletion

Remote wipe feature wipes your device and app content and this also deletes your contacts and conversations with everyone on your list as if you never existed. The SkyECC Support Team can wipe your phone at any time you request remotely or when the Duress password is used.

Protected Contact List

Contact list is encrypted and contained within the app. You can approve or reject who you want to communicate with. The difference between SKY ECC System and other sub standards systems like PGP and others systems that are offered on the market is the Contact list is deleted automatically when the Duress Password is used protecting yourself as well as friends and colleagues.

PGP Compatible

Sky ECC is compatible with PGP, so you can use the app to communicate  to people that are still using PGP. Messages can be wiped immediately after sent by using the Leave Chat Button. PGP is out dated technology and does not compare with the SKY ECC System.

Powerful Encryption

SkyECC uses 3 different encryption standards to encrypt every part of the message. The Sender’s name, Recipient’s name and Subject (Together known as “Header”) are encrypted using 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

App Container

Everything is contained inside the App, requires authentication and establishes secure connection with our APN server before it will allow you access inside the app.

Message Self Destruct

All messages sent between the App to App have a self destruct feature. This can be set to your chosen time setting from 2 hrs to 48 hours or unless you decide to specifically save a message.

Private Client Keys

Your private keys are self-established, created during the app activation.

Panic Password

The Duress password feature allows you to create a fake password so that you can give this password out when under pressure.

Encrypted Group Messaging

Invite up to 10 users for one on one instant encrypted group messaging.

Protected Files & Media

Secured Vault allows you to store notes, photos, conversations, files, etc. Encrypted and Secured. You can also send/Share the content to other contacts.

Encrypted Photos & Video

The Encrypted Camera feature allows you to take photos and encrypt the images within the app.

Secure Voice Notes

The Encrypted voice notes feature allows you to record short voice notes and encrypt with 521bit ECC.


“Enigma Telecom customer service is outstanding.  The phone was delivered promptly and setup ready to be used.”

“Using a protected phone has given me the peace of mind that my conversations are safe from the media.”

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